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17-21 March 2017International event in Russia

Do we have a common image
of a desired future?
Does education prepare us to the world we are facing?

What unites education and ecology?  They both look into the future. 
The future is the world to be created by those who learn today. What will be required from humans living in that world? 

Technologies develop rapidly along the way changing all spheres of our life. However the technological progress is not a panacea and does not lead to an absolute happiness. We are hitting the planetary boundaries; climate change is going to play larger and larger role globally, while the access to natural resources and their quality becomes an inevitable problem.  Our world gets more complex with rising uncertainty and instability. Searching for solutions we, as humanity, are entering the era of paradigm shift.

While the world and society changes rapidly, the contemporary educational model is oriented towards the past, supporting the outdating paradigm. It is time to ask which qualities should be nourished by the education oriented towards the future. Would creativity, adaptivity, system thinking, well-developed intuition and ability to control our attention be the qualities useful for a future human? How could these qualities be learned?

We invite you to take a part in 5-days Immersion in "Education for a Resilient Future". The Immersion format means that besides conventional presentations and workshops we are going to dive in and to work from within the main theme, using place-based education, submerging into the group and our own nature. We aim to create the common space, model the future and return to here and now, projecting our learnings to our actions.  

Two main objectives of the Immersion are
– creating a common intellectual space enriching our images of possible and desired future, understanding connections between these images and our educational and ecological work;
– exchange of experience, common design and development of initiatives in between education and ecology, exploring synchronicities for future collaboration and co-progress.

Who is invited to the Immersion:
·   Teachers and educators from innovative and alternative educational projects and schools
·  Representatives from academia and formal educational institutions
·   Delegates from ecological projects and organisations, eco-educators
·    Representatives from  intentional communities


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The Immersion will take place in a traditional Russian village with its indigenous northern beauty. It is the space where an alternative educational project develops with the focus on resilience and future. Here traditions meet innovations. Rural households, with traditional animal care and old Russian stoves, is merged with online work, international projects and activism in the areas of forest conservation, permaculture, alternative energy systems, waste management but first and foremost with the intention to find a new meaning and new ways of life in rural areas.


Participation in the conference is free. Domestic travel expenses can be covered if necessary (only train tickets for the 3rd class can be reimbursed).  
Each participant is expected to give a short presentation (5-15 min) of their projects and initiatives. Additionally each participant is invited to contribute to the Immersion program by offering a workshop, educational game, lecture, discussion, or  any other way to enrich the whole group or a smaller subgroup.

Application and questions

Please apply latest on the 15th of Feb 2017 by clicking "Join us" on the top of the page. If you consider to participate but have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible by writing to 

Photos by:
Anna Denisova
Eugy Demont

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